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Money Saving Tips For WomenMoney Saving Tips For Women

We are in the month of August, in South Africa this month is the women’s month. In this post I will be sharing money saving tips for women. Welcome back to my blog, thank you for taking time to reading my posts . This blog is all about financial wellness and I will be continuously sharing tips that I believe will help you strengthen your relationship with your money. I have written two posts that […] [...]

Saving On ExpensesSaving On Expenses

Welcome back to my blog, we are still in July, the national Savings month, today I would love to speak about saving on expenses. My previous post was about the concept of saving and I mentioned that savings can be done in two ways. The first is saving money for a goal and the other one is cutting down on expenses. To have a better understanding on how to save for a goal click here. […] [...]

The Concept Of SavingThe Concept Of Saving

Welcome back to my blog, today we are talking about the concept of saving. Most of the time saving money is not usually sustainable because we tend not to understand the concept behind it. Like I said this blog is all about Financial Wellness. To get a better understanding what financial wellness is please read about it here. Today I would like to take you through a process that has worked for me. I hope […] [...]

Emergency FundsEmergency Funds

July is the national savings month and today I would like to talk about emergency funds. Welcome back to my blog, where I post everything financial wellness related. I have written a post about what financial wellness is, and you can read about it here. As I have mentioned today we are digging a bit deeper into understanding what an emergency fund is. What is an Emergency fund? In simple terms an emergency fund is […] [...]