Healing The Wounds of Debt-Book

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In this book you will:

  • Understand the psychological influences of money and debt
  • Identify financial wounds and heal them
  • ¬†Develop a strategy to eliminate debt
  • Cultivate a system for money management
  • Live a successful and fulfilling life.



2 reviews for Healing The Wounds of Debt-Book

  1. info@1biz.co.za

    Amazing book that transform people economically, I love it

  2. Thandeka Mvelase

    Thank you so much for writing the book and choosing to share your knowledge and experience with us. Your book is so relatable and the practical exercises provided in the book are easy to apply and they are also healing. I loved how I was able to identify my life in the book and able to heal my debt and money story through the healing processes provided. My favourite chapters were on peer pressure and self sabotage, your explanation of these concepts was very powerful. Thank you for changing and healing my debt wounds.

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