Rewarding Yourself

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Welcome back and thank you for taking time to read my blog posts. This week we are talking about the benefits of rewarding yourself. This blog is all about financial wellness and being financially well means you are in a state of balance with all your money aspects. Read a full post that speaks about financial wellness here.

As a financial wellness coach one of the things I see when people are trying to sort their financial lives they become too hard on themselves and the idea to seek financial freedom starts to feel like a punishment. That is why I feel rewarding yourself every now and then is an important aspect in the financial wellness.

What Is Rewarding Yourself?

Rewarding yourself is basically to say thank you to you for whatever task or goal you have achieved. Sometimes you do not need to achieve a goal to reward yourself. You can reward yourself for just being you, you can also reward yourself for the effort or progress.

Why Rewarding Yourself is Important?

Most of the time when we are on a financial wellness journey we shift our focus and somehow believe that we have to put ourselves in the financial jail. When you reward yourself, you feel happy which produces the happy hormones. When your are happy you are able to gain momentum in whatever you are trying to achieve.

Working towards your financial freedom can be challenging especially when you have made a couple of expensive financial mistakes. In the effort of you trying to rectify those mistakes you might find yourself going in even deeper if you make this journey feel like it’s prison. You therefore want to reward yourself every now and then so you can keep the momentum and enjoy your journey towards financial wellness.

How Can You Reward Yourself?

While I am a fan of rewarding myself, I always remember the bottom line. This helps me to remain focused and enjoy myself in a responsible way. It also ensures that I do not go back to my old financial mistakes. Therefore after I have achieved a certain financial goal I treat myself with something that makes my heart happy.

But like I said rewarding yourself does not have to be after a certain achievement. I sometimes reward myself for waking up every day and showing up. It makes the journey towards financial well-being fun and enjoyable. Remember the nature of money is to come and go. As much as we want to keep it, invest it and grow it, reality is we also want it to afford us the things we want.

So here are the few ideas on how you can reward yourself:

  • Take a holiday trip , unwind and relax.
  • Go for a full body massage, manicure or just have few drinks with our friends.
  • Sit alone and have a good cup of coffee in a restaurant that has good food and a good vibe.

While these might be some of the things I enjoy the most, make sure that you too find things that speak to your heart.

Benefits of Rewarding Yourself.

When we do things that make us happy our vibration frequency increases. When a person is vibing high there is a high level of productivity and they are highly connected with their intuitive mind that might give them original ideas that will help them become the best version of themselves. Now as a financial wellness coach I can tell you this,anyone who is in their highest vibration they become the manifesting machine who can become the most abundant and prosperous being in the world.

Rewarding yourself is also a certain way to show yourself that you matter. In the financial wellness coaching space we call it self-love. When you show your self love you show the world that you are worthy and deserving. And when the world sees that you are worthy and deserving opportunities to a higher income start showing up.

Side Notes:

There is a huge difference between rewarding yourself and reckless spending. Rewarding yourself comes with understanding that this is a token of appreciation towards self . There is a level of love and fulfillment after the treat. While reckless spending is an excessive spending that often comes with regrets, anger and depression after the “treat”. When you spend recklessly, you will often console yourself with words like “I will work and get paid again”. A wounded me used to say “ndondla lomzimba ovukayo”. That was when the heart was starting to tell me stop it now. Therefore when your heart starts saying this is too much, it probably is. Please teach yourself to listen to it and identify the difference.

Also, while having a cup of coffee does not mess up your financial plan that much, a holiday trip will need a higher budget than the cup of coffee. Therefore it will be better for you to plan and maybe save up before rewarding yourself with something like a holiday.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, remember you can buy the book Healing The Wounds of Debt here.

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