Budgeting Mindset

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Welcome back, today we are talking about budgeting mindset. If you are new, welcome and thank you , this blog is all about financial wellness. In my experience in the coaching I have seen that people are able to draw a budget but get challenged when it comes to following it.

During the coaching sessions, I have learnt that the biggest challenge is the mindset. Before we look into the mindset let us look at what budgeting is. This post will be more focused on the positive budgeting mindset.

What is Budgeting?

Budgeting is creating a plan to spend your money. When you budget you are basically telling your money where it should go and what it should do. When you budget you can tell if you have enough money for everything you need and make necessary adjustments when there is a need.

What Is The Positive Budgeting Mindset?

A positive budgeting mindset is being in a positive state of mind while doing your budget. What I have discovered with some of the coaching clients is that most people feel like a budget is a some kind of a punishment . People always feel uneasy and anxious when they have to do planning especially when they have over committed their income. Sitting down and drafting a budget will then require a person to sit and face their money reality which is usually the most uncomfortable thing most people would rather ignore.

How To Have A Positive Budgeting Mindset?

Money is always available for use. If you are not directing it, you will use it and you will not know what you have done with it. Doing a budget will help you direct your money where you want it t go.

To have a positive budgeting mindset you must not look at budgeting as a punishment. Look at it as a plan to have full control as to where you are directing your money. Look at it as the ability to have full control over your finances. Here are a few techniques to shift your mindset towards your budget.

1. Be In A Grateful State of Mind.

There is something magical about being grateful. You can not be in an anxious state of mind and be grateful at the same time. If doing a budget gives anxiety tap into the feelings of gratitude. You have an income to budget for. Having an income alone is something to be grateful for. You can choose to focus on that positive aspect of your money. I have written a post about gratitude and money, click here to read more.

2.Appreciate What Your Money Has Done For You.

After you have done the plan and executed your plan, come back to it and appreciate what your money has done for you. Personally I go to my plan and write “done thank you” next to each budgeted item accomplished. This will shift your mindset to focus on the more of what you want your money has done than what it could not accomplish. It will also give you the awareness of the adjustments nee in your planning.

The feelings of anxiety, fear or anger when dealing with money are a sign that there is a misalignment between you and your money mindset. These feelings are showing you that there is unhealed parts of your money life that need attention. Sit with your self and ask questions as to where are these feelings originating from and find ways to start your healing process. I have written a book titled Healing The Wounds of Debt that gives guidance on how one can heal their money stories. You can order it here

3.Do Not Ignore What Your Body Tells You.

The feelings of fear and anxiety are the results of a certain perception about the subject at hand. Most perceptions about money are coming from the place of wounds or trauma. When you experience these emotions it is your body telling you something is not right. You then have a responsibility as a being to heal those wounded parts of you, that are driving you to be anxious or fearful when following a budget. I have written a book titled Healing the Wounds Of Debt, you can order it here.

If you need further assistance feel free to contact me at 074 931 1000 and book a coaching session or sign up for a coaching program.

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