Money Saving Tips For Women

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We are in the month of August, in South Africa this month is the women’s month. In this post I will be sharing money saving tips for women. Welcome back to my blog, thank you for taking time to reading my posts . This blog is all about financial wellness and I will be continuously sharing tips that I believe will help you strengthen your relationship with your money.

I have written two posts that speak about savings. The first one talks about saving for a goal and the other speaks about saving on expenses. As I have mentioned today I shall be sharing tips on how women can save money.

As a woman myself, I know that we as ladies can have a bit of a challenge of overspending especially when we have love for a particular item. Here is the list of some of the saving tips that I use for myself.

Buy What You Need:

It is often easy to walk into a shop and fall in love with a pair of shoes, handbag or certain color lipstick. After using that item once or twice then you no longer love it. This is most likely because you never needed it in the first place. When you feel the urge t buy something simply because you just loved it ask your self a question ” Do I need it?” I have then developed a habit of when I decide “no I do not need it”; I would then transfer the amount I was going to use to one of my savings account. Doing this is not by any means a form of a punishment, but rather a way of controlling myself and going with my original financial plan.

Shop Around Before You Buy:

If you want to save and there is something you have been planning to buy, look around at a couple of shops before paying. You will be surprised how different shops will have the same brand with a huge difference in prices. If you are lucky you might even find the item at a special offer in one of the shops. This might sound like a lot of work but I personally shop using my finger tips. I use the internet on my phone to shop and compare prices before I can even physically go to the shops t verify the prices. If it happens again that I save a couple of rands from what I budgeted for I transfer that amount to my savings account.

Make Use Of Special Offers:

There is a difference between buying something because it is on special and finding what you were looking for at a special offer. Let me make an example; there are 2 people; the first person has TV but goes out on a black Friday to look for special offers and comes back with a R5000 TV set. The second person knows they need a R10 000 TV set and it is said it will be R5000.00 on black Friday. Both these people bought a TV set but the first person spent R5000 on an item they did not need and had not planned for. The second person saved R5000 on an item that was part of her plans and used the Black Friday special offer to get it.

Not All Fun Needs Cash:

The idea of having fun in places that need money has been sold to us such that we cannot think of any other ways other than going out on weekends and spend some cash. There are other fun activities that we can do without spending money. It can be anything like walking along the beach, hiking or sitting at home with the girls and dancing to music. Find out what fun thing you can do and try to replace the two weekends of going out and spending money with that fun thing.

Clean Your Closet And Sell Those Items:

Most of the time when we de clutter our closets we give it to the people who we believe need them the most. There is absolutely nothing wrong when you want to, but you do also have an option to sell them. I have seen people who buy second hand clothes from overseas and they sell them to us. These people make a lot of money. You do not have to be receiving clothes via shipment for them to be eligible for sale. Take out the clothes that you no longer need from your closet and sell them. Take the profits made and save it or pay it towards your debt.


I have realized that most of my spending on certain items was coming from a wounded place. I used to spend so much money on shoes because there was a point in my life I didn’t have proper shoes. So basically it was not the love for shoes. It was a wounded child crying for help within me. I would spend so much money on food(takeaways) because I felt I had to cover up for the time food was scarce in my life. When there is a wound that needs attention we often times try to heal it by ignoring the root course. Take time and ask yourself where is the obsession of shoes, handbags and clothes coming from and Heal.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, I hope it will make a difference in your financial life. I have written a book titled Healing The Wounds Of Debt you can click here to order it. To book a one on one coaching session you can contact me directly at +27 74 931 1000

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