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Hello and welcome back to my blog. Thank you for coming back and if you are new here, this blog is all about financial wellness, money mindset and healing money stories. I have published a blog explaining what is financial wellness you can read all about it here. Today I would like to talk about gratitude and money.

Most often times when we are dealing with money we attach the feelings of fear, anxiety and sometime ungratefulness. Those feelings are not good for our money situations. Before we dive in deeper let us first look at what is gratitude.

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of expressing thankfulness towards something. It is more meaningful when its felt and expressed.

What Can Gratitude Do For Your Money Situation?

Generally we can not be in two states of emotions. You can not be grateful and angry, anxious or fearful at the same time. So the first thing gratitude does it removes the negative feelings you have around money. This then places you in an elevated state that you want to be in when dealing with money. When we are grateful for anything we are able to attract more of it . This means that if you want to attract more money you want to be grateful for the money you are receiving.

When you are grateful, you are appreciating what you are receiving. This helps you build a stronger relationship with whatever that you are receiving. This is because everything is energy and therefore if everything is energy so is money.

I would like you to replace money and relationship’s physical appearance with energy. If you were in a relationship where you were bringing fear and anxiety around it, you wouldn’t want to be around that place. You would occasionally visit and maybe at some point break up with the person. The energy of money works like that too. When you become anxious around it, it will occasionally visit you. If you want to strengthen your relationship with money, being grateful for the money you are receiving will help you do that.

How To Practice Gratitude For Money?

The most common way is to journal. Write down what you are grateful for and read it back with the feelings of thankfulness. I have often hear people saying how can I be grateful for the money that I do not see. Here is a twist that transformed the way I practiced gratitude. I looked at the things that I have acquired using money and started to feel grateful for the money that afforded me to buy those thing.

Here are few examples;

  • I am grateful for the money that afforded me the warm full meal today.
  • I am grateful for the money that affords me daily shelter

You can list a lot of things that money has afforded you to have, from data, cellphone, laptop, blankets and more. Doing this takes away the feeling of not having money and replace it with the knowing that money is not necessarily physical cash. It makes you appreciate money even more helping you to attract more.

SIDE NOTE: Practicing gratitude does not mean we are ignoring parts of our lives that need healing. It means that we are acknowledging the things that are going well , appreciating them while we work on the parts that require healing.

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Thank you so much for taking time to read. I truly hope this will add value to your journey of being financially well. If you want to explore more on this journey with a more guided and personalized program feel free to contact me at +27 74 931 1000

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