Month: August 2021

Rewarding YourselfRewarding Yourself

Welcome back and thank you for taking time to read my blog posts. This week we are talking about the benefits of rewarding yourself. This blog is all about financial wellness and being financially well means you are in a state of balance with all your money aspects. Read a full post that speaks about financial wellness here. As a financial wellness coach one of the things I see when people are trying to sort […] [...]

Budgeting MindsetBudgeting Mindset

Welcome back, today we are talking about budgeting mindset. If you are new, welcome and thank you , this blog is all about financial wellness. In my experience in the coaching I have seen that people are able to draw a budget but get challenged when it comes to following it. During the coaching sessions, I have learnt that the biggest challenge is the mindset. Before we look into the mindset let us look at […] [...]

Money Saving Tips For WomenMoney Saving Tips For Women

We are in the month of August, in South Africa this month is the women’s month. In this post I will be sharing money saving tips for women. Welcome back to my blog, thank you for taking time to reading my posts . This blog is all about financial wellness and I will be continuously sharing tips that I believe will help you strengthen your relationship with your money. I have written two posts that […] [...]

Gratitude and MoneyGratitude and Money

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Thank you for coming back and if you are new here, this blog is all about financial wellness, money mindset and healing money stories. I have published a blog explaining what is financial wellness you can read all about it here. Today I would like to talk about gratitude and money. Most often times when we are dealing with money we attach the feelings of fear, anxiety and […] [...]